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Our Patented "Feeder" Delivery System

Totally enclosed feed area to eliminate spillage, targets only wild hogs,  completely secured large capacity feed hopper, locks down if overturned,  controlled and adjustable pre-set amount of feed released into trough at a time, adjustable weight activated floor pan.


Feeder Dolly

Easily transport and deploy one to hundreds of our feeders either by hand, ATV or truck. Simply straddle the feeder, connect latches and you're ready to transport and deploy.


Mobile Trap feral hogs

 The Mobile Trap development was the result of listening to interested parties concerns for the need to remove the feral swine without utilizing a euthanizing agent due to necessary approvals or other concerns.  Weight triggered and mobile phone release mechanism to drop gate.

Bait Dispenser

Bait Dispenser

Our approach versus others, we don't encapsulate the sodium nitrite as a bait and then having to address exposure and shelf life challenges. Our approach ensures the sodium nitrite remains secure, no exposure, and exact measured amount the moment it is dispensed on the commercial feed and consumed by the animal(s).