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Welcome to WPF "Wild Pig Feeder for Feral Hogs "

Welcome to WPF "Wild Pig Feeder for Feral Hogs "


The Hog Problem

The feral hog is the most prolific invasive animal with NO natural predator. Their population growth and geographical reach is unmatched by any other.  Hunting, dogging, trapping has had little to NO effect. Additional methods of management, control, eradication are needed.  WPF has the necessary tools available NOW! 

About Us

US Patent delivery system to control, manage and eradicate wild hogs

Manage, Control, Eradicate Wild Pigs

After three years of intensive validation by the US Patent Office, the USPTO issued a final patent #10,034,454 – “Feral Hog Feeder Assembly on July 31, 2018. Our feeder was determined to be wild hog specific delivery system.  Along with an EPA approved sodium nitrite bait formulation and/or a hog specific birth control agent, our feeder would have a significant impact on controlling, managing and eradicating the destructive hog population. 


Targets Only the Wild Hog

By targeting only the wild hog, our Feeder prevents other Non-Targets,  such as deer, raccoons and even bears from activating! Our exclusive "bear bars" have been bear tested using both grizzly and black. Other features include adjustable weight activated floor pan, totally enclosed feed area to prevent spillage, controlled and adjustable preset amount of feed released into the trough, and completely secure feed hopper.


Tested by Wild Pig Biologist

Over 3 years of field testing and full cooperation with leading wild pig biologists, our patented  "Feeder" was designed, built and market ready to provide one additional tool in targeting the destructive wild hog.

manage control eradicate and easily relocate


One to hundreds can be deployed for effective wild hog coverage. Whether you manage or farm one acre or thousands, our feeder will provide effective coverage. Our optional dolly makes it easy to relocated by hand, ATV or truck!


Durable and Long Lasting

Quality constructed using heavy gauge gavinail sheet metal for years of maintenance free performance and unmatched reliability. Plus, it's made in the USA! 


GPS and 24/7 Monitoring

Our feeder isn't just a specific hog feeder - it's a complete interactive 24/7 monitoring and GPS tracking system, You'll know current location and any wild pig activity, number of times feed door opens, approximate hopper level. All information transmitted to the cloud for complete monitoring by the farmer/rancher and federal/state/local wildlife agencies. 

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